SNOG are a leading KISS Tribute band.  If you want big rock n roll, more make up than is healthy, blood, explosions and a gig you won’t forget, then SNOG are the guys to see. 

KISS has shaken the world of rock since they burst onto the scene in the 70’s, delivering explosive, memorable shows for over 40 years.  SNOG has styled their show on the best.  Their versions of Paul, Gene, Ace and Peter are authentic, and the act is packed full of unforgettable moments.   You’ll leave singing fist-pumping anthems and rockin’ that air guitar with your tongue hanging out – just like Gene!

Making sure you Rock n Roll All Night, and Party every day, since 2015.

Looked and sounded just like the real thing.  Smashed it!’

 'This is the best day of my life and I’ve been married before!’

If you can’t Kiss, then SNOG! – fast becoming the UK’s favourite Kiss Tribute! 

Upcoming Gigs

3 May  - Monsters of Rock, Whitby

11 July 2019 - KISS Tour Party.  Details to be announced

27 July 2019 - Concorde 2, Brighton (with Guns2Roses) 

30 August 2019 - Brynerocken, Norway 

25 October 2019 - Halloween Special, London.  Details to be announced

2 November 2019 - Night People, Manchester (Halloween Showcase)

3 November 2019  - Rock World Live, Pontins, Southport

22 November 2019 - St Mary in the Castle, Hastings (with Guns2Roses)

14 March 2020  - Rockers Reunited, Southport

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